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[He holds out a sheet of paper.] It's a sign-in sheet from the morgue. [Chase slowly takes the paper from Foreman.] this morning. You and Cameron, if you took that woman's blood, you could have messed up the test results so we treated Dibala for the wrong disease.

Foreman: One of the patients in the morgue was a 70-year-old woman who had scleroderma.

A lot can happen before an annulment is finalized...

COMPLETECould a drunken mistake be the best thing that ever happened to them?

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I keep wanting to move forward, I keep wanting to move on, and I can't. If you want to be King, sometimes you have to be willing to take what's yours. 'Cause I think I'm the only one here who knows what a leg is worth. Bravery and loyalty are great qualities, for soldiers. It's intended to be a fun but serious, in-character imagining of a second date between House & Cameron, and its after-math, also featuring Wilson! Working on your next elaborate plan to get out of here.

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