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That was only possible because they could be tracked down via their IP address.This isn't a hypothetical "think of the children" argument; it's something that has actually happened, multiple times, in the course of running my site.I've not been capable of finding that whatsoever recently.You need to be a minimum of somewhat fun too, I'd rather not need to entertain myself until I've you inside me. I'm A TRUE BEAUTY WITH SUBSTANCE, BRAINS & A Great LUCK CHARM for all your gambling enjoyment.

so, i'll come up with it obvious, what i am exactly searching for: [BR]1. you need to be a greeeeaaat lover (don't send me any nude photos!!!In this part, Persistence, there are details about persisting the messages so you can see what has been written when you return to the chat after having been disconnected for a while.You can visit the installation guide for Phoenix to help you get started.If you want to seriously discuss this topic and bring child rape into the discussion, then I think it would be best to steer away from hyperbole. This has nothing to do with EU mandated data retention laws.We were talking about EU/government mandated retention of IP header[0] information at the ISP level, for periods of 6-18 months (depending what country we're looking at). I now understand the context of what you say somewhat better (btw didn't know Omegle had webcam support, I thought it was just chat). Maybe that's the source of the confusion here, Omegle is not situated in the EU, so maybe you weren't aware that there's actually all sorts of mechanisms in place for catching child rapists that do not hinge solely on the indiscriminate ISP-level logging of everybody EU-citizen's usage of the Internet for any purpose, ever. Omegle's reports would be much less useful to law enforcement if they couldn't subpoena ISPs to track people down from their IP also turns out that you can't tell from "logging IP addresses only" whether someone is a child rapist or not.

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