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Shamans may occupy an elevated social and economic position, especially if they are successful healers." Much of North America and Canada were covered by lakes from the retreating Ice Sheet when these figurines became art.

This sensual, semi-precious amethyst female figurine invokes a passion within, yet her placid, empty face reminds one of a calm lake.

Rare amethyst metaquartzite head and hips, hornblende breast, 3 parts.

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Particularly beautiful when wetted in bright sunlight (but glares when photographed wet).Green olivine quartzite w green schist head, 3 parts. I feel very fortunate since your collection is really priceless!I know that you hate to break up your collection but at least others will be able to share in some of the Ice Age history of Illinois.The shaman, usually a man, is essentially a medium, a mouthpiece of the spirits who became his familiars at his initiation, during which he frequently undergoes prolonged fasts, seclusion, and other ordeals leading to dreams and visions.Training by experienced shamans follows." This figure, shown in side view facing the viewer's left, is made of a rare and beautiful blue/pearly white chalcedony. Her mouth is open as if signing and she is seated cross-legged with her hands on her knees.

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