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Ken accuses Patterson of trying to blacken Billy's name because he feels that his own position with the team is being threatened by the prospect of a younger and more talented coach.

Ken takes Ibrahim to the match to watch Billy's performance and to judge his talents for himself.

Ken, Harry and Doreen visit his widow, Meg Lucie, and find that she is coping very badly, both with looking after the garden and with the paying of the bills.

After an argument, Blakey resigns, which prevents Harry having to decide how to sack him!This is particularly important because Wally Patterson, manager of the Saudi Arabian national team, and Abdul Ibrahim, one of the team's sponsors, are coming to the match.They want Billy to act as captain and coach for the Arabian team.They decide not to tell Meg that they suspect her husband was having an affair while staying at The Grand.Harry falls for Meg but she decides to sell up and move away from the area.

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