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Where China throws vast resources at energy-hungry cryptocurrency mining, Envion's tech is devised to lower the consumption costs thus expanding opportunities.Excess solar, hydro, and wind energy is lost locally when production outstrips usage and capacity.

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As the availability of cryptocurrencies expands beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., so will opportunities to mine them, but only for those that can afford to expend computing power, and therefore energy, to take advantage.Mainland China's predominant energy source remains fossil fuels, primarily coal.Less than one-fourth of energy produced and consumed in China is renewable.Envion's CEO, Matthias Woestmann, said, "Someone will do the mining somewhere on the planet." With this mobile solution, many can mine, and mine everywhere on the planet without regard to centralization and with more individuals participating and benefiting than is currently practical.With 80% of crypto mining taking place in China, that means it's "dirty" energy fueling the digital digging.

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