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My Cam is a very simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you record video and take snapshots with your webcam.To begin, there are a few things that are needed– Either an i Phone or i Pad – The Wirecast Cam app (free) – Wirecast 6.0.1 or higher – A streaming provider like Da Cast To note, the app is sadly not available on Android devices at this time.The app is a free download, and is available on the i OS app store.

However, the Wirecast Cam app is actively sending this video signal to the encoder.

Finally, the IP address is important and something you will need to jot down.

This will be later entered into the encoder to sync it with the app.

When using this app, though, that consideration is reduced since you are almost streaming twice.

The audio button is, curiously, another way to mute the stream separate of the on-panel option to mute.

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