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Cape Town - It’s a blessing and also a bit of a curse how easy it’s become to post anything on social media.But accidentally posting a live video of yourself having sex – now that’s definitely not something to be thankful for.She writes, " Our life and work commitments are seldom static.Our need for growth and development, experience of work-related stress, finding ways to express ourselves authentically, adjusting to major life transitions or simply the natural passage through life (and family) stages invites voluntary and regular renewals of career commitments and directions to accommodate our preferences and the demands of each life chapter." Read the full article here .She clears up the confusion between these two and explores their different effects in human relationships.Read more here Pretoria Counselling psychologist Eleen Polson runs Expressive Arts Therapy groups for children.Read the full text of Taming the mad monkey mind here.Lana Levin is a Clinical Psychologist practising in Highlands North, Johannesburg.

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View Lana Levin’s profile here and read her article Metaphors of addiction: The cat that got the dancing fiddle here Johannesburg clinical psychologist David Wilson writes "My initial idea was to present a seemingly simple set of arguments and basic ideas for an article to illustrate the challenges of integrating psychological practises with advancing medical and biological technologies. Cape Town counselling Psychologist Jacques Taylor has a special interest in working with depression.Read more here or contact Joalida through her professional profile on za.Cape Town Clinical Psychologist Yoav Van der Heyden writes about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and of course the hunt for mushrooms."There is no doubt that while the mind is infinitely capable of producing great beauty through its capacity to create and relate, when left to it’s own devices it has a tendency to gorge itself.Whether it be on repetitive rumination, projecting itself ceaselessly into the future, or into the past, the result is that many minds are incapable of being present in the present" writes Clinical Psychologist Jamie Elkon.

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