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See full summary » Come follow our free-wheeling host as she seeks out the world's most out-of-the-way swimming holes.Whether by foot, dog sled, bicycle, or camel - up and over snowy mountains, across ...See full summary » Jimmy Boner, a 20-something slacker living with his parents, is given an ultimatum by his wicked stepmother to find a job and move out within 3 months after he accidentally walks in on her book club meeting wearing nothing but an i Pod.A police officer in a small town is called out to the local cemetery in the middle of the night.He'll look for a guy for her and she'll look for a gal for him.After eight years globetrotting as a travel writer, a family emergency puts Pippa Mc Gee in the editor's chair at Wedding Bells, the magazine she'd be least-likely to read.See full summary » With a new book deal, a fabulous apartment and a stable relationship, psychologist turned sex expert Kate Langford is living her dream.But when her publisher pairs her up with the arrogant...

Pippa Mc Gee (Heather Graham) is a travel writer, a hedonist, and an independent woman who avoids relationships like the plague.Director Nisha Ganatra and writer Tassie Cameron seem to have most of their experience in TV movies so this little slice of the industry is a change for them.Would that it were wholly successful because it seems as though both had a fine idea for something to say but just didn't know how to make it work.She's a self-described slut who doesn't see the value of marriage much less the point of weddings and wedding magazines.For her first issue, she tries edgy and iconoclastic. Meanwhile, the gulf between herself and her father impedes her work and her personal life, and her mistrust of commitment is tested by her involvement with a photographer named Hemingway and her interactions with Ian, her father's second-in-command. Darcy for this Miss Bennett, a Benedict for this Beatrice?

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    “I’m pretty much at a loss for how to meet single women in Columbia,” he wrote.